Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One more done

Are we sick of bubble dresses yet? I'm really liking the softer wintery colours of my newest creations, and the pop of the stenciled designs that makes them distinctively mine. How about some plaid on the bias - why didn't I think of bias before?!

And a rose because it's pretty.

I've been mulling over the online shop idea and peeking around etsy and pay-pal. It's going to take a clear head and a few cups of coffee I can tell you, but I'm pretty well decided that there will be an online shop in my not-too-distant future. I will build up some stock though, and I also need to have a good think about what I should make - a small number of styles in different fabrics/colours? Or would a larger range of styles in smaller numbers have the widest appeal (more obviously unique)? So anyway, it won't be immediately.

Oh, and Kathryn, the tree dress is one of my own designs. (The tree is a duplo piece, from their robot line a couple of years ago. I photocopied it and added a bit more trunk.)


  1. this is gorgeous, a lovely mix of grown up fabrics with fun prints for little ones.

    Have you looked at - it's an alternative to etsy and allows you to have your own online shopping site without too much hassle by the looks of it.

  2. Beautiful. The bias cut is wonderful. Such a classy dress!

  3. I love your stencilling. Very nice.

  4. Lovely dress. Will you make PDF (or paper, for that matter) patterns available or only finished pieces?

  5. When you launch your shop, I think you could gain more exposure by showing your work on Just a thought.