Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finished stuff

I finally got the paint colour I wanted and finished this dress. I love the sound of "burnt umber". It sounds so autumnal and perfect for a tree I think. Usually paint colours' names are, um, creative, but this one just sounds right.
Anyway, this is what burnt umber looks like painted onto dusky pink satin, sewn onto a sage green dress.
Now, do I keep it or sell it? I still haven't tried it on Isabella, largely because she has a cold and I keep envisioning a huge messy sneeze just as I pull it over her head, and then deciding that it isn't her colour and I shouldn't keep it.

The other finished garment is this dress. Another one I really like - oh how I love seaming concave and convex curves together - especially with piping in the seams.

The printed panel on this one was done with a craft punch and freezer paper, but I have visions of this dress done in any number of ways - contrasting fabric for one panel, closely toning different fabrics for each panel, different seam treatments, heavy winter fabrics, lightweight summer fabrics.......


  1. Oooh, both are lovely, but the paneled one is amazing!!

  2. You could almost make me want another little girl to wear your creations. Almost. ;) I especially like the paneled one.

  3. Both are lovely, your girl is lucky! I wouldn't be able to let go and sell these, they're so cute! I really wish you'd sell your patterns.

  4. These are beautiful! What pattern did you use for the tree dress?

  5. I love both of these. It's fun to see the subdued styles and colors given the sea of frilly pink girl clothes.