Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space - bits and pieces

I'm playing along with Kootoyoo's creative spaces again this week.

My creative space is dominated by stuff half done. And instead of finishing said half-done stuff, I shoved it all to the side in favour of a bit of pintucking (on the bias of course, I'm nuts like that) this way...

....followed by a bit of pintucking that way.....

While blog-surfing yesterday I saw someone do a cute baby tunic using fabric pintucked this way. And do you think I can find it today? Not likely! So naturally I had to do this today so that I wouldn't forget it! (I love my blind hem foot for this by the way - brilliant invention)

This piece may well get used as the yoke for another dress like this.

This one is actually intended for Isabella, but I reserve the right to change my mind once I try it on her. (The colour may be a bit heavy for her. With her big blue eyes she looks beautiful in blue.) I love the design of this one - so many elements I love to do. Inset corners, pleats, concave curves sewn to convex curves. I deliberately drafted this in her size, so if it doesn't suit her it'll go for sale and I'll make her another one. It just needs it's embellishment. I know what I want to do but don't have paint the right colour, so it'll hang by my desk making me happy for a few more days.
Here's a better detail shot of the bodice details I love.

Also hanging by my desk making me happy is this dress.

I'm a bit in love with this one too. The black and white houndstooth check, the deep red stenciled roses, the tulip sleeves edged with piping in the same red. This one is definitely for sale though.

Which brings me to another subject - selling my stuff. I've been musing for a while over getting a shop on Felt to try selling my designs, and I think maybe now's the time. I went into Miracle yesterday for my regular supply of nappy liners and they told me that due to space constraints (they're full of gorgeous new stock just now) there isn't room at the moment for my things. Since I have no other outlet, I'm quite happy for them to hang onto them and pop them out again when they have space (which is what they offered to do).
The fees on Felt are very affordable, so it wouldn't cost much to get some things listed there. It just seems like such a big step to get an online shop! I'd really welcome any thoughts from anyone on the subject. I want to keep selling through Miracle because I get great feedback from them, but is it time now to try and get a bit more of my stuff out into the world?


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Go for it. I've never heard of Felt though. Why don't you try Etsy?

  2. Your work is brilliant!! You should definately set up a little online shop :)

  3. You'll always wonder, if you don't try! Go ahead, you kids clothes are lovely.
    Good luck.

  4. pin tucks were all the rave when i was a teenager back in the 60s!..i love your style :)

  5. Those dresses are very cute.

    Go for it with Felt, also open one up on Etsy for overseas customers. No harm in trying, but I am sure you will sell a heap of your fabulous creations.

  6. Gorgeous dresses - I'm with the others - go for Etsy! Much bigger audience and people charge realistic prices - in NZ, craft is still undervalued so people think they should be able to buy handmade things for next to nothing.

  7. You're making so many pretty dresses! Definitely go for expanding the business.

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