Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today I bought my teenage son a g-string

For his guitar. I have nothing interesting to say, but I've been dying to use that title! I know I know, small things and small minds. I just thought it was funny. We've had a couple of really careful conversations about his need for a new guitar string in which each of us tries not to suggest that he needs a g-string!

Still haven't managed to get to my new design. Who'd have thought life with baby twins would be so busy?


  1. Lol, when I went in to get one for E's guitar, I made K write it down. There was no way I was going to walk up to the guy in the shop and say I needed a G-string!

  2. Oh dear Judy. You are soooo asking for an embarrassed "Muuuummmmm" from your teenage son after that post!!! But I did laugh.