Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mine, all mine!

My aunt sent me 40 pounds for my birthday. When converted (and the bank took their fee, grr) that came to just over NZ$77. The dilemma - what to spend it on? Naturally it had to be something special. I thought about putting it towards a handbag or shoes, and then got on to sewing stuff. What did I want, but couldn't justify buying? Almost immediately I thought of the Winifred Aldrich childrenswear pattern drafting book. I knew there was a later edition than the one I borrowed from the library, and this one covered baby wear too. Perfect! About 5 mins on the net showed that Amazon had it, but even better the University bookshop had an even later edition, and Keely is a student and eligible for a student discount! So I gave her the money to get or order the book next time she was near the bookshop. 41minutes later I got a text to say that she'd got it! I had to wait till after I'd been to the gym to pick it up, and then till we'd put the twins to bed before I could read it, but then I got to study it. And I am so impressed. There is a lot of stuff in here that would have been very helpful in my efforts to date. Best of all is the stuff on babywear. I was reluctant to grade my blocks down much further since they were already modified from instructions for bigger drafts.

So of course today my desk looks like this:

The book does have a couple of very minor errors that I've come across so far, but they were very easily dealt with. I am very keen to see how this block compares to the drafts I've already done. I really really like drafting. I enjoy the process of creating patterns nearly as much as making the garments!

Meanwhile, here's the latest of my designs, made over the weekend. This one's a size two. Georgia thinks that they're too cute for selling, and should be kept for Isabella. But then she thinks that about everything, and seems to forget that I made the pattern as well as the capris and can grade it to fit Isabella!

And the back. I love these gathered pockets. I have to confess that I didn't actually draft the pockets - I pinched them from another pattern. I do know how to draft them, but I was in a hurry. I feel so much better for confessing! (It's the only thing on my own designs that I didn't draft from my own drafted blocks)
After I finish my new blocks I have another pattern drafted which I'm dying to make up. It's my interpretation of a vintage design. And when I say vintage I mean VINTAGE. It's a girl's dress from the late c18th! Just need to prewash the cotton voile I'm going to use.....


  1. How wonderful a birthday present! And the pants are lovely...were the gathered pockets from Ottobre? I did that for a pinafore dress/ tunic for my DD1 back in January or so...enjoy your book

  2. LOVE those pants - everything about them - the yoke, the pockets, the cuffs. Adorable!

  3. Love those pants. Do you have Pattern making for fashion design? It is the bible for making women's wear.

  4. Super cute! Great present too.

  5. I do love those gathered pockets and the little daisy is so adorable on the pink polka dots.

  6. What can I say? I know how you are with waiting..... ;)

    Cute trousers. I do like those pockets. I think G is right - Isabella really needs to get some of the items you've been making.

  7. Well done for:
    - spending the money and not just putting it in your purse and have it used for groceries
    - spending the money on yourself
    - spending the money on something you really want

    Given how easily you got the book, it was obviously meant to be!