Monday, August 3, 2009

8kg = 17.6lbs

This is the amount of weight I lost before my husband commented. The subject of weight loss came up on Friday as I recounted a conversation I'd had with a friend that day. He asked how much I'd lost, and was shocked when I told him it's 8kg. He had noticed about a month ago, and REALLY noticed a couple of weeks ago, and apologised for being so wrapped up in himself that he hadn't said anything. He's just finished two weeks of working on his own while his employer was in Fiji, so it was pretty hectic leading up to that, and while he was away. I'll forgive him :-)

I was busy sewing for other people all last week -

Monday I had all the girls over and one of them dropped off fabric for V1061 because she'd seen mine and wanted one too. I owed her sewing in return for looking after my kids during school holidays from before I had the twins, so I was very happy to make it for her.

Tuesday the friend for whom I was making V1061 came to visit while I worked on it so I could check the bust point before cutting. Another friend came over to look through my BWOFs to find a dress pattern to wear for her upcoming 60th birthday. She found a few possibilities!

Wednesday my father came over with his boat so that we could work on the cover I'm making for it. We got the last of the fitting and shaping worked out, which means that now it just needs finishing. Still a lot of work, but at least Dad doesn't have to tow his boat across town for fittings!

Thursday the V1061 friend came over to visit while I sewed. She's a beginner sewer. We're working on that.

Friday the BWOF friend popped in to drop off the magazines she'd borrowed and some calico, and the V1061 friend dropped in to visit and have a fitting. The bust dart I'd carefully repositioned after tissue fitting dropped with her lovely drapey rayon knit fabric and had to be put back where it started out. I hadn't overlocked it, so no drama. I love company while I sew!

Saturday she came over to pick it up and get her jeans hemmed. After that I sat at my desk and thought "What do I feel like sewing now?" and instead of working on baby designs, or heaven forbid, something for ME I whipped up another Jalie 2682 for Georgia. I can't link to it at the moment because the site is down while they upgrade it, and I can't photograph it because she wore it to school.

Sunday V1061 friend texted to say that she was wearing the top to a church concert and had had lots of lovely comments on it. Made her feel a lot less frumpy and dowdy. Yay!

I so need to make something for myself.


  1. It really sounds like you've earned some mememe sewing. Those lucky people to have access to your expertise.

    That is a very impressive weight loss. You must have dropped a whole dress size.

    Do you have anything in mind for your youyouyou sewing?

  2. Well done on the weight loss! I am glad your husband finally noticed!

  3. You are so generous, esp with your beginner sewer my envy coming thru??? well done on the wt loss too!

  4. LOl, so how is Ja's sewing coming along? If I'd known you were taking it sewing..... ;)

    Hopefully the twins sleep well for a few days (and nights) so you can get some good naptime sewing done.

  5. Curious as to what you're making the boat cover out of.
    DH wants me to make one up for our boat but really at a loss where/how to start.
    Got any pics of it in progress?
    Congrats on losing so much weight too!
    (from Brrmm at PRSDU)