Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I actually finished one!

I know these are not the most exciting pants in the world, but they are my own design, made from my own drafted block, and I'm really pleased with them. They're made from the same soft lightweight cotton as the vintage inspired coat, so I self-lined them. The waistband is a knit to reduce bulk and make them more comfy to wear.

And the back. Very basic jean design lines, but there's no shaping in any of the seams so they're a piece of cake to make and line. If I don't ever get around to selling these I'm looking forward to putting them on Nicholas.
When I started this blog I intended to chronicle my more interesting sewing projects, but apart from my red coat it's been mostly basics and kid's sewing. And I have got a huge amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from my drafting and designing, as well as clothing my children. BUT since I've been keeping track of it all I've realised that I really really really want another complicated challenging project for myself. I'm going to go through all my patterns and all my fabric stash and if I don't find a suitable project I'm going to break my self-imposed Must-Use-Stash-Instead-Of-Buying-More-Fabric rule. Enough is enough. It's MY TURN!

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  1. wow - congratulations on successful completion of your own design! And lovely top stitching too, might I add.

    yes, go on, make something complex for yourself! You can do it, you know you can .... don't let any talk of "oh I could just whip up something more for my kids" lead you down that slippery slope of sewing for others. It's high time for super selfish sewing.