Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another one Almost Done

I seem to have a bunch of garments which are all done but for buttons, an extra row of topstitching, that sort of thing. Here's another. My take on the vintage pattern just needs buttons. I have to take my eldest to the orthodontist tomorrow, so I'll go and get buttons while he's there.

Here's the front. It doesn't actually wrinkle at the armhole the way it does here. It's very hard to photograph garments flat, but I'm scared to put it on Isabella to model in case she dribbles or spills on it!
And the back. I didn't put the inverted pleat in from the original, but I may in a future incarnation. I just added flare to the sides, and a little at the CB.

I chose a nice bright floral cotton for the lining. I like fun linings - bright and cheerful. To finish the hem I used bias binding which I pulled tight as I applied it to ease in the lower edge. Worked a treat and gives a very nice finish on the inside.

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