Thursday, November 10, 2011

My turn,my turn!

As is so typical for me, this isn't one of the umpteen trillion queued projects waiting to make it to the head of the list. A few days ago it wasn't on the horizon, and here it is already finished.

I was looking for a different pattern (which I found) and this one was in the same box. I'd traced it from a Burda mag I borrowed from the library and forgotten it! I knew immediately that my dear friend J would love it too (we have very similar taste, so she's hugely fun to shop with!) and I excitedly tried to find it on the Burda archives to email her a pic. They only go back two years, so no luck for her, or to link to here. (I had to get it from the stacks at the library so I can trace one in J's size). For the record, it's Burda 02/2009, #129.

This is unusual for me, as I'm not a frilly, bow-y person, but this spoke to me. The fabric is a mystery synthetic intended for something else but willingly sacrificed for a wearable muslin. I'm very happy with the fit, but next time I'll spend more time on the front neckline to snug it it a bit. I did have to chop 10cm out of the neckline elastic (I hate unpicking three-step zigzag) and the sleeve elastic is a tad snug, but bearable.

Verdict: Broke the drought and scored a win!


  1. Gorgeous! It looks really nice and very flattering on you, maybe you are more frilly and bow-y than you think!!
    I take a couple of cm out of wrap necklines as a matter of course - they almost always need it in my experience.

  2. That is so cute. Darn I was hoping it was one of the big three patterns.

  3. So love it!! I was just looking through old Burdas, and I saw this one and thought I should make that once the sun comes out again. It looks great on you!!

  4. Wow that blouse suits you perfectly.

  5. That blouse looks great!

    You can get further back in the archives on the non english language Burda sites. The link to "your" blouse on the French Burda site is

    The link to the archives is

  6. Oooh, you look pretty in it! Nice.

  7. Yay I have this Burda mag in my cupboard - should check it out the top is a very nice and suits you really well. Sherry is right maybe you are a bow person after all!

    I am small busted so it will be interesting to see how it works for me. I'd learn how to do an SBA at least.