Monday, November 7, 2011

Actual garment sewing. Just not for me.

When inspiration strikes I've learned to just go with it. That was the case with this - three remnant pieces of broderie anglais edged dobby voile. It jumped up and down and told me it'd be perfect made as the Oliver + S ruffled halter. (Available as a free download here).

The broderie edges are on the top ruffle, bottom ruffle, and back. (Trying to photograph a three year old is challenging enough without worrying about actually showing the details!).

Speaking of the back, I'm not a fan of halters for kids because they seldom sit nicely so I made this more like pillowcase style by making the back from the same pattern piece as the front and cutting a facing to match.
Isabella is gratifyingly pleased with it, and when I showed it to her delightedly squealed "You made a pretty top for MEEE!!!". Her training is coming along nicely.


  1. I can't believe how big she suddenly seems! That's a great top. And I'm totally impressed with your training results to date. Way better than mine. I usually get, "Well, you COULD use that stripe... but wouldn't it be better with THIS flowery one?" And a sort of look of pity.

  2. That (and she) is so adorable! The little back view is SO sweet too!

  3. Awww! I love dressing little girls, especially my own. You can do fun and interesting things with their clothes, before they go to school and catch the dreaded "conformity" virus. ;)

    This is really really cute, I bet my girlie would like one.