Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keely, this is your fault

Well, yours and Lara's for getting to craft night and asking me if I knew how to crochet a granny square. And then if I could show you. The feel of hook in hand after quite a few years got me inspired to make the crochet roses I've been pinning.

My first attempt. Slightly more open than the original, and it looks pretty naff in variegated acrylic, but you can bet your life there will be more, in the pretty pink yarn I have lying around waiting for a project. And I have three more patterns on my desk to try as well. Because I have sooooooooo much spare time and need another hobby. Thanks ladies!

And on the subject of pinning, Georgia absolutely loved this penguin and made these three all by herself. She's going to make one for each of the family to put on the tree this year.

This weekend we're having the neighbourhood girls over to make felt ornaments as a group. I sincerely can't wait - indoctrinating the next generation in the ways of making stuff.


  1. You're welcome. :) Now imagine a Christmas tree covered in crocheted roses... or would that be a bit weird? LOL.
    Wow, Georgia was quick on the penguins and did a lovely job. I like her idea of one for everyone. Glad to see the felt came in useful. :)

  2. Yay now you can make roses for my blanket. Or the granny sqs you pick! lol :P Lara

  3. Love the rose and the penguins!!!!

  4. Your daughter did an awesome job on the penguins! Thank you for sharing your link on my blog. :D

  5. Oh look at Georgia's penguins! They're absolutely charming! The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
    I know, I know, more hobbies for the vast swathes of spare time you have... but you're so productive, it's inspiring. I like your crochet roses.