Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reversible baby jacket.

Here is the best of four attempts to photograph Isabella in her new jacket. It's Ottobre 06/08, #4, in a size 74. The only alterations I made to this one were to make it reversible, and use domes instead of the very cute ribbon tie from the pattern.

Here's the teal/green side:

And here's the brown side:
This way it's warmer, goes with more outfits, and if she spills on one side, I can turn it inside out if she needs to look tidy!
Seeing it flat the fact that the hearts aren't straight looks odd. That's the way the fabric was printed, and I wondered if I should cut off grain to have them straight. I chose not too, because off grain by that much would not look good.
The domes are silver, and I used a scrap of each reverse side fabric to reinforce them and play them up a bit.
This was a great, quick easy project. The flower applique is simple, and making it reversible is not hard either. However, I am thinking of renaming my blog AMEW, because not a single project at the moment avoids the syndrome! This time I twisted one of the sleeves as I was sewing it in, and didn't notice till I'd finished topstitching the edge. A few choice words later, I unpicked the offending sleeve edge, untwisted it, ladder stitched it back together, and re-topstitched it. (For anyone new to this syndrome, AMEW is where I shouldn't be allowed to tackle anything requiring Any Mental Effort Whatsoever, due to lack of sleep causing my brain to refuse to function!) Oh well, it's always entertaining seeing how many new ways I can screw up a basic project! As long as it's not while cutting, everything is fixable.


  1. Oh that is just gorgeous! I tried to see the flowers in more detail by clicking on the photos but I still couldn't see clearly. Is it a cut out or an applique design?

    Anyway, didn't even notice the hearts where off line - how bizarere that they should have printed the fabric like that.

  2. Mary, the flowers are appliqued on. Each one is two layers of fabric, cut to the same flower shape in slightly different sizes then sewn onto the jacket. Dead easy!

    I really need to work on my photography skills. I'm often not happy with clarity. Perhaps I should read my camera's instruction manual again ;-)

  3. Hi Judy, thanks for the email. I was about to ask what AMEW was...and now I know! It looks lovely...I'll need to go over my Ottobre stash (small though it may be) once I get my confidence up, and see what I can sew for my kids!

    I think the jacket is lovely..and Isabella looks so cute in it. Happy birthday to the twins for sunday!

  4. Applique of a flower so that it looks fabulous on the reverse side too requires no mental effort? Your brain must work better than mine! I love the jacket.