Monday, May 4, 2009

The Frankenjammies

Nicholas is the wriggliest baby on the planet. (I may have mentioned this before!) Getting him into his jammies at night is a mission. One piece rompers with feet are nice and warm, but getting him to sit still while I do up all the domes is near impossible. So the other night, after yet another mammoth wrestling match, I got fed up and decided to do something about it. For the seven millionth time I thought how glad I am that I can sew!

I wanted a one piece romper, with feet, and NO DOMES. I achieved that with a franken-morph of three patterns, one of which is my own adaptation of an Ottobre pattern to get the cross-over neck. The other two are Ottobre 04/08, #4, and KS 2344. I also used a zipped butt opening - easier than domes by FAR on Nicholas. I spent ages doing the pattern work yesterday afternoon to get a size 74, only to realise when done that it'd be too big, and had to do it again to get a 68. At least I'll have the 74 when he grows into it! The fabric is cotton velour left over from something I made myself a few years ago. Nice and soft and warm.

Today while they were napping I started sewing it up, and it didn't take a lot longer after they'd woken and had lunch. I'm delighted with it at this point, and can't wait to see how it goes when I put it on him tonight!
And here's the back. Very simple.

And this is the girly version of that grey fabric for Isabella. The zip and trim aren't quite the same colour, but look good together. The pattern is Ottobre 01/06, #2, with the same modifications as the last one. Her corduroy jeans are the same pattern as the last pair I made her. Thanks to C from next door for helping her stand!

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