Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every baby needs disco jeans.

I had some nice shiny pink stretch woven left over from goodness-knows-what and figured it'd look cute as jeans for Isabella. I didn't have anything in a suitable pink for the waistband, so chose this rather bright lime green, which looks really funky with it. I love these jeans, but when I put them on her I thought that she looks ready for a disco! Every baby needs to be ready to party at any moment. Favourite altered Ottobre pattern again.

And here's the butt shot she'll hate me for when she's a teenager. It's a bit hard to see the green waistband thanks to the light, but hopefully you get the idea.

And just for a change of pace, I made this library bag for my niece. She's a big fan of Wibbly Pig, so I got one of the books out of the library for this very appropriate picture and appliqued it onto good sturdy canvas. I used fusible pellon as well, so the applique is slightly puffy. It's lined with sturdy tartan cotton, and I added a library card pocket to the lining as well. I just need to give the bag a final press before I give it to her.

I first thought of it to make for her second birthday. Well, she turned three in January. Oops. Fortunately her mother is my sister, who while overseas endeared herself to my eldest son (only child of the next generation in our family at the time) by sending very cool presents at random times of the year rather than specifically for his birthday. (She sent him Tinky Winky, who was his favourite Teletubby, before the toys hit our shores, and he nearly got mugged when he took it to pre-school!)

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  1. Awww, so cute! NowI just needs a bright lime green tee! And will this go with her green fluffy jacket?