Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alabama Chanin #3

After an estimated 80 hours work, all by hand, here it is.

What, the sunshine is too bright to show it up? Sorry, I'll go inside.

Is this better?

Profile shot. My only alteration to the pattern (from the Alabama Stitch Book, corset top pattern, size S) was to lower the hem at the front so it's more level with the back.

Gratuitous parting shot of the twins being cute. I swear if I hadn't given birth to them I would NOT believe they are twins!


  1. That is beautiful!

  2. That top is so fabulous on you. And OMG the twins are so cute!!! Typical girl/boy. He'll catch up to her eventually.

  3. Wow! Great top - perfect fit and the rose embellishment is fantastic.

  4. That looks amazing! Congrats on making such a gorgeous top!

  5. That is just gorgeous! That would be a special occasion top for me! Oh, cute kids too!

  6. Another beautiful top! The fit looks great, too.