Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not obsessive, really

Sometimes I've been motivated to blog because I really don't want to see whatever photo is at the top one more time when I log in. This has been pretty much the opposite - I didn't want to get rid of the latest one!

So I decided to make another eighty hour top.

Navy with hot pink underlayer (since the crafty girls' consensus on Monday was to go with this rather than the grey I'd had in mind first). Paint and stitching will be grey.

It's a different rose stencil, in three sizes to mix it up a bit. (A very small bit).

Meanwhile I finally got around to making the Oliver+S ruffle halter which I have wanted to make forever, and printed out months ago. (It's available as a free download here.) I'm not a big fan of halter necks for small children because they don't tend to stay sitting nicely when playing, especially if you layer them with a T shirt (I live in Dunedin - we layer a lot, even in summer, sigh...) So I made a full back. Deciding just how I'd do this was the reason for the procrastinating. In the end I just made the back exactly the same as the front (since the ruffle makes it obvious which is the front!) and traced a facing which went to the inside, but was otherwise constructed exactly the same way as the front.

And Isabella wore it on Monday to her first day of Kindy.

Front, two prints from the same range, so identical colours.



  1. Isn't that cute? I think I'll check out that download (because what I really need is MORE KIDS' PATTERNS).

    Well, your first Eighty Hour Top was so spectacular, you can't really argue with wanting another one. This color selection is really pretty, can't wait to see it all!

  2. Cute suit for Isabella. I admire your patience on the eighty hour tops - the first one was worth the effort.

  3. OMG - the first day of kindy already?! Bet she's the best dressed little girl there. :)
    I can totally understand why you'd want to make another top. Well ok, not totally since the idea of getting 8 hours to sew something let alone 80 is unthinkable for me at the moment. And there's all that handsewing... But you doing it I can understand. As for not obsessive - I'm sure I remember something about a zip being 1/2mm out mentioned once, after nobody else could see anything wrong. ;)

  4. Dying of cuteness--Isabella! Kindy! I remember when she and her brother were knee-high to a tadpole! What an adorable outfit to wear, and all swathed in mama's love.
    Alright, another 80h top! With the youngest in kindy, the sky is the limit :) I'm 13wks pg with #2 now, and #1 just turned a year. What LUXURY to have half a day to yourself!