Sunday, January 2, 2011

An appreciation for slow

(Yes I know I should have said "slowness"). Anyway, I have now completed the outlining of all the stencilled shapes on one (of eight) garment pieces. By the time the stencilling was all done (which took about six hours to paint) and the stencils peeled off I was completely in love with the colour. On my computer screen it doesn't show up very well at all - the colours are richer in real life.

The instructions have you only basting the layers together at neckline and armhole edges, but I like more security than that so I basted around each section in it's entirety. Then began outlining each stencilled shape with a running stitch. That's where "slow" really takes hold. I know it took me over 6 hours to do this section, which is one of the two largest. That's a lot of time to conteplate what you're doing. I find that this sort of contemplation quiets my racing mind and relieves stress. It takes so long that there is no sense of rushing to finish, the slow sewing aids the slowing of my mind. I'm not good at explaining this, lets just call it the best stress antidote there is!

So this is what one of the side back panels looks like. The rose that looks unstitched is actually stitched in red. I like interest on the back of a garment - we only see ourselves from the front, but the rest of the world sees us from all angles, so I feel that clothes should be interesting from any angle. This rose will be slightly tucked under my left arm, just peeking out.

Here's what the inside looks like. Bad photo unfortunately, but I love the effect.

This corset is a celebration of the handmade and the unique - all the work shows, every single stitch. I couldn't exactly duplicate this if I wanted to.


  1. Oh my, what a lot of work, but it looks like it will be beautiful!

  2. That will be gorgeous. And definitely one of a kind. Slow sewing is good and in fact, there's a lengthy article in the latest Threads about slow sewing, and ebnjoying the journey.

  3. Wow!

    (And re: you're comment on my last post- I actually had you specifically in mind when I was thinking about and writing about my Sewing Conclusions... we ARE very opposite, definitely your strong suit (and what seems to suit you) is this type of slow-paced, thoughtful, highly-detailed and subtle work. (Whereas I'm all about the playing with colors and fabrics and stuff and then as a sort of afterthought, putting them all together into a finished garment-- mostly to justify all the time I just spent playing.)

    This corset is going to be AMAZING.

  4. Um... that would be YOUR comment, not "You're" comment. Sheesh.