Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Spring already!

Well ok the past couple of days have been lovely - I wore my new Vionnet dress yesterday and felt a million bucks in it! David concurred ;-)

In a desperate attempt to force the weather to play nice, I made these two dresses for Isabella.
(Although Keely and I are convinced that as soon as she starts thinking about making a warm coat the weather warms up. Start thinking Keely!)

The one above is made from the softest cotton (?) sateen which has been mellowing in the stash for ages since I bought it as a remnant. There wasn't enough to make anything floaty for me or Georgia, so it waited till I had Isabella. Then it popped up and politely requested that I make it into a summery dress for her. Done.

The one below is the result of several design ideas I've had floating around for a while, most notably back wrapped styles and external facings. I saw something somewhere which smacked me in the face and those disparate ideas coalesced and this was the result. The fabrics are quilting cottons from Spotlight, which I found in their remnant bin on Sunday. There was just enough of the pink, if I cut the bodice upside down and put a seam in the bodice at CF. I'm not sure how they'll stand up to wear, but I'm keen to find out. And they cost only $5.40 so I won't be heartbroken if this dress doesn't wear terribly well. The joy of drafting my own patterns is that I can repeat a design any time I like, with alterations as I choose.

The bird stencil is one I got from a library book. (It took aaaaaaaaages to cut from freezer paper, so I was really careful peeling it off to see if it can be reused. I've never heard that stencils can be reused, but I have heard that when used for patterns for quilting and such, freezer paper can be readhered.) I dropped the paintbrush while I was doing it, and there's a small smudge to the left of the image. Can you see it? I was careful not to go near it with the iron while I was heat setting, so it may wash out over time. Too bad if it doesn't!

In the mean time, not a lot else creative has been happening, often because of this guy. This is why we have a kiddie proof gate across our kitchen. (He's not allowed in at all if the oven is on!)

Totally unrehearsed or coached - he just watches us and when allowed in for a snack, copies. The boy is T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
Maybe this would help?

Would you believe that this was his idea as well?


  1. I love the dress - I hope your weather cooperates soon! And your son is a character and a half!!

  2. oooh so cute ! Yes spring has sprung in these here parts so I'm kissing goodbye to my merino for another season. It's great in Dunedin when spring arrives and the days lighten up so much. Good luck with the warming up bit though!

    Oh and the grammar guestion? In this type of clause you can use "who" or "that" interchangeably. " amount" is used with uncountable nouns (nouns which cannot be turned into plurals with an "s" for example, "advice" but with countable nouns we have to use "number" - because people is an irregular plural of a countable noun we have to use "number" - the same thing applies to the words fewer/less much/many few/little and on it goes.

    I have fewer hours to spend sewing
    I have less time to spend sewing

    but not
    I have less hours to spend sewing
    I have fewer time to spend sewing.


  3. Fabulous little dresses. Love the stencilling effect.

  4. The dresses are adorable. I thought the oven mitt was clever too. Obviously your son thought it had play-potential and seems to be enjoying himself.

  5. Love both of those dresses, especially the back-wrap one.

    And yes, I totally believe that was his idea, because my kids used to try to lock themselves into my mom's dog carrier (it's a big carrier).

    Kids. They're weird.

  6. I love the back wrap and the bird stencil. Very nice!

    And as far as your little guy...that's definitely a sign of intelligence!