Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I really love my kids..

....or else I wouldn't be doing this! I have decided that this year I will make as many of my childrens' christmas gifts as possible. I would love their stockings, handmade by me for each of them as they were born (well, the year they were born, not the actual moment) to be full of handmade goodies which they will love and cherish and play with for years. I've been working all their lives on indoctrinating them into believing that handmade is more precious than shop-bought. (It worked with me, thanks Mum and Dad!) I make people stuff as a tangible way to show that I love them. Georgia is well and truly brainwashed, hehehe. I have months. Should be plenty of time.....

Exhibit "A", the beginnings of cloth books for the twins. In my usual fashion I have begun each page as I've thought of it, with the intention of finishing them as I figure out how I'm going to do that! Some applique, some stencilling, some stitchery. Whatever I feel like. I'm desperately hoping that I won't need to resort to glue - my dear friend J (the glue queen) would never let me hear the end of it. I am pretty condescending about glue. So condescending that I don't actually own any glue of any kind.

The barn was taken from here, very slightly modified, and contains this guy. I am rather proud of him because I designed him myself. (I don't know how I am so sure he's a him. I just am) I used a much-too-big applique design as a guide for the face and made up the rest. He is being modelled by a purple clothes peg and duplo building plate because I could not hold my hand still to model him myself!

Exhibit "B"

I cut him out and sewed him up during the smallest crafty girls evening ever (just me and M - everyone else was busy this week!). M was highly amused by his "hands". Haven't you ever seen a horse waving his hands in the air? Anyway, I like him, wonky as he is. And he (and a buddy or two I have yet to make) are for two year olds. They are unlikely to be critical. And yes I know he's too big for a two year old. There was no way I was sewing (or cutting, that was harder!) anything smaller than this. I'll pretend that it's deliberate so that Mummy can join in with the play. They should fall for that. Once he was made and I tried him in the barn I realised that he is also too tall to be hidden by the doors when they're closed. Oops, too bad!

And tucked down here at the bottom where I hope Georgia doesn't see it, is this wrist pincushion for her.
Exhibit "C"
The stitchery is actually symmetrical, but extends over the sides a bit, so he looks wonky. I got the idea from here, but drew my guy myself. I just picked a christmas issue of a craft magazine (probably Homespun) and found a gingerbread man outline which was the right size and drew on the details. The pincushion is my own design and has a casing sewn onto the base so that the elastic can be easily replaced when it wears out. Georgia will love it, but she's been bugging me to make her a wrist pin cushion for a while and I'm not sure how well I can put her off till christmas. I'm famous for procrastinating, so I'll give it a shot!

If anyone's interested I'll post my progress on my Handmade Christmas. (Yay for Kirstie's Homemade Christmas for being one [of many] to inspire me!)

I may just aquire some supplies on our Crafty Girls road trip this weekend. Five of us are going to the Craft and Quilt Fair. In Christchurch. Yeah. We've been planning it for months. It's my first break since I had the twins. (I don't count the two days I spent hospitalized with pneumonia getting iv antibiotics in January, or the many days either side of them when I was too sick to do anything other than lie on the sofa while David just got on with taking care of everybody.) According to the fair website and our accommodation website both are operating business as usual. Earthquakes be damned - I WANT MY CRAFTY GIRLS ROAD TRIP! (And I'm sure the Christchurch economy could use the income).


  1. Say hello to the Wizard in Christchurch - if he still lives. Great sentiment about handmade gifts.

  2. Cripes you're organised thinking about handmade Christmases already and it's only September! I love the sentiment and what's more the stuff you are making is really cute too. Fingers crossed your weekend goes ahead as planned.

  3. I so want to move back to Dunners just to play crafts with you! The books look great, the pin cushion is so clever and the not so subtle indoctrination of your kids is fantastic!

  4. Whoo hoo ROAD TRIP, how many sleeps now Judy. The glue bottle is ready and waiting LOL.