Saturday, May 28, 2016

What to Wear to the World of Wearable Arts aWard shoW in Wellington.

Moving along, sorry, had to see just how many Ws I could get in the title. Anyway, Georgia and I are counting down till we go to Wellington with my sister to see the WOW show with a couple of our cousins. It should be a ton of fun, and an excellent excuse to wear a bug embroidered dress. So now I need a jacket to wear with it.

The pattern is based originally on the Alabama Chanin t shirt pattern which I modified for my wrap top a couple of years ago. Three iterations were needed to get the pattern right. Sometimes the simplest designs are the hardest to execute - few seams and no  darts to help with shaping in order to minimize breaks in the stenciled design. I ended up literally eyeballing the sleeve cap after copying the shape of the lower sleeve from a work cardy, and measuring the armhole of my new pattern. I laid a tape measure on it's side to give me the right dimensions and winged it. To my smug delight, I was completely happy with how it sat when I made up a toile.

Then I went to stencil, and opened my jar of white fabric paint.

Rude words were said, and a trip was made to Warehouse Stationery. Then back to stencilling with the New Leaves stencil from Alabama Chanin.

And now I have all the top layer stencilled and drying.

I have a few cunning plans for this jacket. I just need to finish a whole campervan of curtains, and formal dresses for Georgia and one of her friends, and my bug dress (which is almost done) and there are only four months to go......


  1. Hey Judy
    What did you use for the stencil?

    1. Hi Barbara, I made the stencil from laminator plastic. I just go to Warehouse Stationery and get them to run through a sheet of whatever size, exactly as if I was laminating something, but with nothing in it. That gives me a nice big sturdy piece of clear plastic to use. I trace the stencil design with a fine tipped sharpie and cut with a sharp craft knife. Very low tech, but time consuming!

      Sometimes the nice staff at WS have offcuts from the laminator, which they give me instead of throwing them away. A bit of clear packing tape to join them into one big piece, and I have a free stencil base!