Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Swearing on my clothes

Not that you can see it of course, which is the point, but here is my Alabama Chanin poetry tank, with added f-word.


I love the fit, the colours, everything about this.  I'm keen to have a crack at making the dress version of this pattern.  I can't see myself ever getting bored with this technique.  The possibilities are endless!

Next up I'm going to make the Nougat dress, by Stepalica patterns.  Once my children all get over their tummy bugs....

Oh, and Georgia bids me tell everyone that I nicked her jeans again. She still hasn't realised I've been wearing her pink ones for weeks. Well, she's reading over my shoulder, so now she does!


  1. what a great top and I love the Nougat dress you are making next.

  2. Nice top :)
    Looking forward to seeing the Nougat dress!

  3. It's come together so nicely, great work. Perfect for summer :)

  4. Great top! I received the Alabama Chanin book for a birthday pressie and am in love with everything in it. Almost cannot wait for a chance to get stuck into something Chanin-y next :)

  5. Love all the Alabama Chanin clothes you create! I would love to know what thread you use, as I am about to try making the corset top. I am also in NZ, and the thought of waiting to thread to shipped (and the cost) doesn't seem like much fun. Debs