Monday, March 4, 2013

New Alabama Chanin Skirt

So I finished my slow skirt.  Made from the left over fabric from my epic hand stitched dress project this was kind of a filler project while I worked out what Alabama Chanin project to tackle next.  These things are great to take to craft nights or just have on hand to pick up and put down as the desire to hand work something takes me.  I thought I'd run out of enthusiasm for the time consuming process after making one project, but I've made myself three corset tops, a tank top, and a dress before this skirt, not to mention fingerless mitts for me and four Kindy teachers, and a corset top for my sister.  I've started the new dress for me, and seriously I LOVE working like this!  I love the process and I love wearing the garments when I'm done.  Anyway, here it is on my dummy.  (I've no idea why it's a bit lopsided.  I didn't notice till I put the photos on the computer, and just couldn't be bothered retaking them!)

Instead of the foldover elastic at the waistline I added a separate casing with elastic, which I attached with a zig zag chain stitch.  I was nervous that this wouldn't stretch enough to get over my hips, but it's just fine.  Yay!

I hate taking photos of myself, but in the interests of showing how it looks on I put it on for some shots.  I wouldn't normally wear a T shirt tucked into it, and in fact I have some more of the peacock underlayer fabric and when I have time I'm going to make a plain corset top to wear with it.

Both twins got in this pic with me.  Can you spot Nicholas?

To close, I put myself on the Sewintists map.  Where I am currently the most southerly pin in the whole world.  There has GOT to be someone south of me who sews!


  1. I admire your commitment to this art form. It is wonderful applied to a skirt

  2. I Love Alabama Chanin clothes. Your skirt is just fabulous and good grief--it would cost a fortune in a boutique. Nice work!

  3. Wow, your skirt is amazing! It looks beautiful on you.

  4. Where in the heck are you? Wellington?
    It's kind of neat how I "recognize" the sewists in NZ on the Map. The internets is a strange and wonderful thing.

    I love the skirt by the way. Great job!

  5. Your skirt is beautiful. I'm just embarking on my AC journey having signed up for Natalie's class on Craftsy. Your sewing is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like the print you used :) Yay more NZ sewers, I'm in Auckland.