Sunday, August 26, 2012

Styling The Dress

Ok, so this is how I wore it on Friday.  Turned out there were no cameras clicking so my efforts in styling my hair were wasted!  Today however is a GLORIOUS taste of the spring which is now mere days away, so I dressed up and headed outside with the tripod and self timer.  I feel like such a dick taking photos of myself.

Anyway, I wore The Dress with a Silkbody top which is the most wonderful thing to wear next to your skin! (Thanks J) And in total contrast to that, cheap leggings from the Warehouse.  I decided on Friday to wear leggings rather than tights, and only had time to go to the Warehouse, where I figured I'd find some.  My visit there reminded me why I AM SO GLAD I SEW!  Millions of pairs of black leggings in every style imaginable, and only one style of grey, in short or long.  I wanted lighter grey marle than this, but this was all I could get.  Had I thought about it earlier I could have made a pair exactly as I wanted.  I hate shopping for clothes.

Front (click to enlarge)

Back.  Please excuse the messy garden where my apple tree used to be.

The denim jacket I wore with it, to make it a little less OTT.

These shoes are not ideal, but were the best I could do with a still-swollen ankle/foot from three weeks ago when I learned that sitting in one position for an hour watching Science Fair prize giving (Yay Georgia!) will make your foot go to sleep, and when you stand up it will flop sideways and if you then put your full weight on a rolled-in ankle you will not be able to walk properly for a few days and it will still hurt a bit and look EVEN MORE cankle-ish three weeks later.

After now having worn this dress I am even more in love with it than I was when I finished it.  It is also the most comfortable thing to wear, which is pretty unusual in a dressy dress.  I need more, for everyday wear...