Monday, May 7, 2012

Raising the rise.

After spending rather a lot of time on this. (For my beloved younger sister)

And this.  (For me)

My poor sewing machine was literally collecting dust!  I do have a great project coming up, but in the meantime I got on with this quick fix.

Pull on stretch jeans with ludicrously low rise. ($5 from Kmart)

Unpick folded over casing.


Sew on new facing to top edge and understitch.

Fold in facing and stitch down.

 Re-insert elastic, slightly shortened to allow for jeans sitting a little higher on torso.

Not shown is the stitching through all layers of the waist at all seams which prevents the elastic twisting and bunching in the casing.  Result - jeans I can wear without showing my knickers to the world if I sit down!


  1. Those are terrific little tops--both of them. And a really good fix for those low-rise jeans.

  2. The top you made for your sister is just devine.

  3. All the Alabama Chanin tops you made are TDF!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of them, You inspired me to start my own project, I'm making a skirt for my dd, she made a drawing and I cut it out from a acrylic film (not a good choice)which was a hellish job. I'll prolly blog about it when it's done. Have a nice day.

  4. Your AC sewing is very beautiful and so inspirational! It's thrilling to see what is possible with all the elements AC makes available in their books. I've been drooling over the garments in the third book and trying to find some fabric worthy of the effort these require. It's amazing how hard it is to find cotton jersey without spandex in it here in Canada. I love your rose stencil. The tops are gorgeous. Happy sewing!