Friday, October 7, 2011

In the meantime....

So far the first (of eight) pieces looks like this:

So in complete contrast to a very very long slow project is this - cut out a week or two ago, but sewn together last night and this afternoon.

Front, collar and sleeves: Jalie 2919. (And my assistant. Can't do much without his input.)

Back: Vogue 1061.
Nothing wrong with either pattern as they stood, but I never wore my Vogue one - turns out I don't like cardigans which can only be worn closed. I gave it to a friend, who looks a lot better in it than I did anyway, so we're both happy!


  1. I thought I recognized the back of the coat. What a good idea to combine them. I can see that the beaded top will be while coming. I admire your patience and commitment to this project.

  2. Wow! I had never even looked at the back of the Vogue because the front view wouldn't be something I'd pick. I like your combination look.

  3. Liking this a lot! Just like we talked about when that Vogue pattern first came out. I always thought the Vogue back and front just didn't gel, but your combo fixes the vogue front perfectly.