Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Further proof that I need my head read

Exhibit #435, a teeny copy of Isabella's favourite soft toy, Soggy Bunny. Approximately 6.5cm tall, comprising 14 separate parts.

Nicholas reckoned that he and Isabella need their whole family represented in mouse form for their Christmas present. Fair enough, I can do that. (Currently six down, one to go, plus wardrobe, plus house.....) Then Georgia thought it'd be great if Isabella Mouse had a tiny Soggy Bunny of her own. So I thought - "Yeah, I can do that!" and dug out Bean Bag Buddies, (which is a great book!) and found a suitable rabbit pattern. Traced it for ease of scanning, and used the computer to reduce it to 20% of it's original size and made it out of felt. 14 teeny weeny pieces of felt. And now I'm thinking that Nicholas Mouse might need a soft toy too. Good thing Christmas is months away because this project might not ever get finished.


  1. That is SO cute!

    Perhaps you do need your head read (6.5 cm? 14 pieces??) but I'm sure your family (and us in blogland) enjoy the outcomes of your wonderfully creative mind!


  2. You are a super mum! Hope you are on steady ground now in NZ.

  3. Oh I love this project. What a super gift this will be.

  4. good. grief.

    You are SO much a better mom than me.