Friday, April 8, 2011

Coat for Isabella

While I was pretty happy with progress on Isabella's coat the motifs on the front just didn't quite look right. The lightbulb moment (also known as the Attack Of The Blindingly Obvious) was reading Gail's comment - that she'd wear it sans motifs. Um, yes. It immediately brought to mind a picture of the coat without them, and the obvious solution - take some off. I only unpicked the top two and bottom one, which I think improves the balance considerably.

The buttonholes are made with my Greist buttonholer, which I love so much! Keely helped me pick buttons when we actually managed to meet up in person this week! (By "helped" I mean "distracted the twins while I looked at every button in Anne's and Threads")

Hard to photograph without it collapsing and hanging oddly. I need a child sized dress form.

And in other squealy excitement, this is currently drying on my kitchen bench.

Can't make it out? Here's a closer shot.

The logo designed by my clever friend, printed onto fabric with my computer printer! I used this tutorial, and it is so easy it's fantastic. Once it's dry I still have to heat set the ink with the iron, and do a test wash, but apparently they work really well. I can't wait to see how they stand up! I would love to print some vintage dress form images I have and make them into a collage to hang on my wall....


  1. The coat is beautiful:-) And congratulations on the labels and the opportunity to sell your clothes, so happy for you. One question, is Oxshott David's last name? I am curious as to the name.

  2. That's a sweet little coat. Love your labels!

  3. So glad you found my Fabric Label Tutorial helpful! Love the coat, it's just stunning!

    Take care and Happy Sewing,


  4. Beautiful coat, and I'm excited how your labels turn out! Do tell!