Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weird trousers

As promised yesterday, here's a scan of those trousers - #137 from Burda 09/03.

The big circle is a sewn-on motif or buckle or something.

And the pattern pieces - neat huh?

Difficult to alter, but fortunately I know from experience that Burda pants generally fit me well, so worth a gamble. I didn't have to alter these at all, except that they're SHORT! The grey ones I was wearing in yesterday's post have added flaps at the hem to give extra length.

I might need to make these again. You can never have too many subtly weird pants in your wardrobe.


  1. The design looks pretty ingenuous to me.

  2. Those are crazy! But in a really cool way.

  3. I'm anxious to see how these turn out for you!

  4. Ah yes, the pants with galloons - the blouse that goes with it is gorgeous too - our Sewing guild has back copies of Burda, so I have seen this pattern book and am MOST impressed that you have made these.

  5. I love those pants pattern and can't wait to see how they turn out.