Friday, February 11, 2011

The fit model

I think I've mentioned before that Isabella is a very willing and cooperative fit model. However, she is 2 3/4 years old. Enthusiasm is fantastic, willingness to take direction is brilliant. Ability to hold a pose for longer than a millisecond is non-existent! Add her small twin to the mix, wanting to get his hands on the camera, and you get photoshoots like this - dodgy focus, less-than-ideal poses, but at least it's quick!

The bottom 2 photos are next to useless for evaluation purposes, but I did have a better look when I tried it on her. Even over a dress and t shirt it does meet easily (it's cut from a bodice block, not an overgarment block) and the sleeve works just fine. So this design gets to go another round. I wonder what the final design will look like? Thank you Beangirl for suggesting a jacket - I'm now imagining a cropped, puffy sleeved jacket similar to this one I made before. I love drafting - endless possibilities!

And really all of this is just to distract me from waiting. I piggybacked on Keely's Hotpattern order and all I can think about is the 3 Graces top (the cowl necked cross over one of course) which is very very slowly winging it's way to me now. (Well, actually it's winging it's way to Keely, but I'll get it right away! 28 days from her order was Last Sunday. Sigh....) I feel like I'm cheating on my 80 hour top - I'm working on that but thinking about the new pattern.


  1. So gorgeous - the dress looks soooo cute on a little person. I admire your creative drive and the results it produces!

  2. Lovely photos. Pity digital photography eliminated the use of high speed film. I used it a lot when my figgety boppits were little.

  3. She is a living doll! I love the dress!

  4. What a cutie!

    Sigh. Yep I'm getting impatient for the patterns too. Not that mine will get sewn in a hurry lol. When are you next without the car cos tey're bound to arrive that day!

    LOL, my

  5. Snort, obviously the clumsy fingers aren't confined to the cellphone

  6. Just heard the news abouth the Christchurch earthquake. Hope you are not affected. Kind regards Gail