Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cold feet

I don't like having cold feet. So with only one week left of winter I finally decided to do something about it. And I really wanted to get rid of the photo of my butt which greeted me every time I looked at my blog. (Amazing what will motivate me sometimes - my visits to the gym are sometimes motivated by a desire to get exercise, sometimes by the thought of the shower afterwards and sometimes by the desire to not be the parent on duty. Whatever works!) So I figured that if I made some slippers I could post them here and get the butt photo off the top.

This is why I needed slippers. All winter I've been wearing these because I find most women's slippers ugly beyond belief. (Yeah, while these are stunning!)

So about half an hour's work and some lovely thick polar fleece (scraps from a manufacturer's clearance many years ago) and now I have these.

Rough prototype, but warm and comfy. The final product will be neater, probably lined, and I'll bind the top edge to help them stay put, and think about what the soles will be so that I don't slip on my kitchen floor. Knowing me I'll wear these ones to shreds and then make up the "proper" neat ones. In about two years.


  1. Self-drafted slippers! Very nice. I much prefer close-fitting slippers - I'm clumsy enough that the big floppy kind are truly dangerous for me (:

  2. Please make your 'proper' ones soon and do a tute, I'd love to make some and can think of a Granny or two who could maybe do with some for christmas, please!? And for the soles, you can get that squirty stuff that dries into sticky dots or lines like you get on commercial slipper socks, should stop you falling over while making porridge! xxx

  3. I wouldn't line them, but that's just me. Makes them faster and easier to make.

    Here's something else I would do. Wash them without fabric softener, rinse with white vinegar, than rinse with just water. After they are dry, draw a design on one sole with glossy fabric paint (small plastic bottles with pointy tops), lay the soles together, push the soles together, then let them dry overnight. Draw another layer of paint on top of the design on each sole, and let them dry overnight.

    It's a lot more fun than adding non-skid fabric that's just (from what little I know) woven cotton with dots of fabric paint.

  4. oops, don't let them dry stuck together.