Saturday, January 30, 2010

And this time with pictures!

It's taken a while to have the energy to be bothered installing the camera software on the new computer, uploading the 90 odd photos and videos from the camera and sorting them so I could blog what I was up to before I got sick. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I'm basically over the pneumonia now, but for a very minor cough when I breathe really deeply. I'm still feeling tired, but I think most of that is due to one or both twins playing up during the night! We've had a run of disrupted nights in the last week or so, which doesn't do a lot for my daytime motivation.

ANYHOO.... I have some sewing to show. Just because it's pretty much all I have to show, here are four of my own designs, which as far as I know are currently being offered for sale. While I was sick and unable to take care of the twins David very sensibly put them in disposable nappies, meaning I haven't had to go to Miracle for nappy liners for several weeks. I would be very happy to find somehing has sold next time I go in!

Next up, a small Smiggle-inspired pencil case which I made for Georgia for Christmas.


  1. Pretty! Can't make up my mind which one I like best. :)

  2. Cute!! Those little bubbles are too sweet!

  3. My husband was looking over my shoulder and said "they are very pretty" - I totally love the bubble hem, on a little girl that would be SO adorable - glad to hear you are well enough to be back in the sewing saddle.